Children’s hospice ZonnaCare of specialised children’s nurse and music therapist


Children’s hospice ZonnaCare offers pleasant and comfortable overnight stays for care-intensive children. The hospice is run by Annemieke Bernard, a specialised children’s nurse, and music therapist Matthijs van der Beek. Annemieke is specialised in the fields of haematology, oncology, palliative and terminal care. Matthijs has an extensive musical background with a special focus on music therapy. The team also comprises several children’s nurses and committed volunteer workers.


  • To provide care-intensive children with a pleasant and comfortable stay.
  • To create some breathing room for parents/carers.

Target group

Care-intensive children

The hospice aims to provide care for young children with reduced mobility who receive ambulatory home care and require permanent supervision. Examples include (a combination of):

  • Children with serious multiple impairments
  • Children with a metabolic illness
  • Children in the palliative/terminal stages
  • Children on extramural artificial respiration


Parents/carers often have no other option than to end up in a complex home care situation. They become isolated from the outside world and tend to feel guilty about their lack of sufficient attention to other family members, friends and acquaintances. In short, their social network has shrunk and participation in the wider society is rather limited.

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